The must-have digital promotional product for Realtors®

Give your clients and prospects a useful, and powerful, tool they can use everyday - and whenever they use it, they will see your message and brand.

Release date (pre-orders end): June 26th
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Dynamic Billboard Features

Spreads Your Name/Message

People you give a license to, will share MindPeak App with their friends. They all see you!

Geo-targeted Reach

You control the geographic area of where your licenses are distributed.

Builds Customer Loyalty

Giving people a powerful tool that solves a problem they have makes them feel gratitude - even loyalty - towards you.

Updatable at Any Time

The only promotional product enabling limitless updates - and at ZERO cost.

Highly Cost-effective

Market to each person - all year long - for the cost of a cup of coffee. Nothing else can do this for you.

Saving Our Planet

Show you're doing your part for our environment. No plastics or chemicals are in the this promotional product. Nothing for the landfills!

Pre-order Pricing
(ends June 26th)

The license bunle contains 100 licenses to MindPeak App - and our pricing for it is straight forward.

  • $497   License Bundle Yearly Subscription
  • $297   Pre-ordering the License Bundle (first year only)

All pre-orders, and all regular orders, come with an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee.

Pre-order Now and Save $200!

Want it for free? Check out the expainer videos below for details.

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Dynamic Billboard Demo

Here's a short video demonstrating MindPeak App:

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Dynamic Bookmark Features

  • Unlimited Bookmarks

    Unlimited folders and bookmarks.

  • Well Organized

    Bookmarks are tagable, and can exist in more than just one folder.

  • Powerful Search

    Bookmarks are searchable by partial names and by tags.

Dynamic Bookmarks
  • Attach Notes

    Take research notes or create a task list for your bookmarks.

  • Schedule Reminders

    Schedule a reminder to continue your research or to take an action.

  • Shareable

    Bookmarks are shareable with other MindPeak App users.

Explainer Videos

  • View the videos in full-screen mode to better see the captions
  • Mobile phones: Swipe left or right on the video to see the additional videos (there are 4 videos)

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does the pre-order period end?

    The pre-order period ends when we release the product. We currently anticipate the release date to be June 26th, 2024. Once we release MindPeak App, the pre-order pricing of $297 goes away and the regular pricing of $497 goes into effect.

  • Is there a money-back guarantee?

    Yes - of course. We stand behind an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee. The 30 days start after the product is made available to you. This will always be the case.

  • The per license cost is very low. What's the catch?

    Yes - it is (intentionally) very low. But there is no catch. We're rolling out the product to Realtors for less than $5 per year per person as introductory pricing. Subscriptions to MindPeak App are currently by invitation only. This Fall (September 2024), we will start offering individual subscriptions for sale at a price of $59 per year. The people you give a license to would have had to pay $59 per year without you - where your cost is less than $5 per year per person. You'll be giving each client and prospect a $59 gift that only costs you $5. That's an awesome value for everyone!

  • Is there any way to get the MindPeak licenses for free?

    Yes - there absolutely is! It's a win-win proposition: Help us spread the word, and we will rewarded you for it. We will credit your account by $100 for each successful referral you make. You can use these credits however you wish: use them to purchase more licenses if you need them, or cash your credits out and we'll send your money to you. Your credits never expire. Even if you buy at the regular price of $497 (instead of the pre-order price of $297), when you make 5 successful referrals, you're credits will have exceeded your purchase price - effectively getting your 100 licenses to MindPeak App for free!

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News & Updates

Focus Group

We're happy to announce that we assembled a focus group, and it went exceptionally well. All of the participants worked hard, shared their views, learned a lot, and MindPeak App continues to be shaped from it. A rewarding experience.

Pre-order Launch

Our launch date is set for June 26th, but we've opened up a pre-order period to reward the movers and shakers - those who first join us and help us spread the word - with a generous savings on the product launch price.

Partnership Announced

We have recently expanded our service offerings by including a way for our customers to increase their income by participating in our new Realtor® Partnership Program. This is a powerful program, designed to increase your referral pipeline and income.

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